Danish Star Workshop (12/1)

12/01/2024 11:00 AM - 01:30 PM PT


This is a multi-generational workshop! This workshop is great for children ages 8 and above with adults. As per Nordic Northwest policy, we do not allow children under the age of 18 to be unattended. This workshop is great for people of all ages!


Danish Stars have been adding to the handcrafted hygge of Danish Christmases for generations. They are known by many other names - Nordic Stars, Christmas Stars, Froebel Stars - these beloved seasonal decorations are three-dimensional masterpieces that are surprisingly simple to construct. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make your own! Danish American instructor Christine Beaulieu will provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to turn simple strips of colorful paper into a beautiful 16-pointed star, and enough materials will be provided for you to make at least 5 stars with which to decorate your home or give away as gifts this season. Once you're done...you will want to go home and make even more!