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06/17/2024 - 06/17/2024
Tour Docent/Field Trip Guide
Nordia House
8800 SW Oleson Road
Portland, OR 97223

We are reformatting our volunteer docent program! Thank you for hanging on while we work through all of the kinks! We are now moving away from having drop-in tours every weekend. The new format will be hour-long quarterly tours where attendees sign up beforehand. We will have a max of 20 people for each tour. The tour will include Nordic House, Ole Bole and the grounds. Right now, we only have three opportunities but we are looking to expand the number of tours once we perfect this new format! If you are interested in leading one of these tours please sign up here. We will have a staff person there to support and help. We will send out all of the materials ahead of the training and tours.